How To Fix Missing Operating System

How To Fix Missing Operating System - Missing Operating System on computer is, where a computer can not boot from harddisk. This can be caused damage to the windows operating system so that the error message Missing Operating System. In addition the computer experience missing operating system can also be caused by something else.

Another thing that could lead to the emergence of error missing operating system on the computer is too much USB like flasdisk or other external harddisk that is not removed when the computer is turned off. This causes the BIOS to be confused to boot from where.


The above mentioned has happened to my computer, the number of USB that is still installed when the computer is turned off, and when a few days later I turn on the computer then there was Missing Operating System.

If your computer has a Missing Operating System try performing the following steps:

Step One  :  Remove the non-essential hard drive

  • Restart your computer by pressing the power button.
  • Unplug all attached USB hardware except mouse and keyboard.
  • Then turn your computer back on

Step Two: Change the boot priority order in the BIOS

  • Almost the same way as before, the possibility of boot sequence in the BIOS may have been changed by accident.
  • Access your BIOS when you first turn on the computer. Then press F2 or Delete key to enter BIOS menu.
  • Locate the Boot Priority section and change to the hard drive containing the operating system.

If the two ways above your computer still still experience Missing Operating System, most likely its windows operating system has been damaged. For that you have to reinstall your computer.

In addition to the above two ways, there are still other ways you can try, please you search on the internet with keywords How to Overcome Missing Operating System, because on the internet another blog has a lot of share.

That's how to cope with Computer Experience Missing Operating System and how to overcome it, more apologize, may be useful.

10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows PC And Mac

10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows PC And Mac - Today's data of modern era, computers have been used in every field, such as Business, Education, And Marketing and many others. Every computer user, certainly many who store large amounts of data on each computer. Hard Disk is an electromagnetic device used to store data on a computer.

There are some things that often result in damaged hard disks, such as system crashes and also the power failure as well as accidental damage or due to viruses. In the event of a hard disk crash, chances are that the stored data will be lost. Therefore Hard Disk recovery is necessary to recover or restore lost data. As for data can be various types, be it file extensions placed in the directory.

To restore lost data on the computer, software is required to recover any lost files. Actually the files on the computer are never deleted. The magnetic memory sector has been provided for files to be rewritten. Therefore, the data recovery software will read this memory sector and recreate the lost files.

If you lose data and happen to be looking for software to recover your lost files, you find the right article, because we have recommended the following 10 Best Data Recovery Software For Your Computers.

10 List of Best Data Recovery Software For Windows / PC-MAC

1. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is the best data recovery software for windows as well as Mac. This software supports both windows and Mac versions and is very easy to install and use. This tool can recover all files such as pictures, videos, documents and more.

The data recovery process is quite simple and also effective. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard software offers three main features. The first is "Deleted Deleted Files" The second one is "Complete recovery" and the third is "Partition Recovery". All these cangginh files are combined to make it easy to operate this software.


2. Recuva Data Recovery

Recuva Data Recovery is the perfect software for data recovery. This data recovery software is very user friendly, it is karane Recuva Data Recovery is an auto wizard. This wizard will help file recovery when the user is unsure where the file is located and does not know how to recover it. The step-by-step guide will help narrow down the search for images, documents, music files, videos and more. With Recuva Data Recovery you can also specify locations that can speed up the process. On the other hand, if you know what you're doing, you can simply go into manual mode and start looking for the file you're looking for.


3. Restore My File Data Recovery (Windows Only)

Restoring my files is a simple but easy-to-use data recovery tool. This software can only be used in windows operation only, but can be used in all versions of windows. This software is very famous for its speed and portability. Only this software, maybe only a few features on offer, but has a basic search feature that has good performance to restore lost files.


4. Update Plus (Only For Windows)

Undelete Plus is also devoted to windows and compatible with FAT & NTFS file systems. This software, formerly paid, but now has been declared free to use. The software will rank the files searched for the damage and will notify you of possible recovery. The undelete feature also allows users to manage search filters based on file type, time, location, and more.


5. TestDisk Data Recovery (For Windows / MAC / Linux)

Test disk data recovery is another well-known name under data recovery software. But this tool is for advanced users. This is a command line tool and hence the user needs to know the commands from the document on the wiki. Once done, you can not only recover deleted files, but there are many features as well. You can restore the boot sector, locate the EXT2 / EXT3 backup sector, fix the FAT table, locate the missing partition, fix the MFT, and more.


6. VirtualLab Data Recovery (Windows)

VirtualLab Data Recovery, is a very useful data recovery tool, this software can do all the unusual things of data recovery files. This software supports all macintoch partitions and also with FAT and NTFS. The software has a very clean interface and is easy to use. You can download a trace version that scans files, and then this tool will recover it via a pro version that is priced at $ 39.95.


7. Steller Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional

Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery is another data recovery tool that offers special modes for data recovery from multiple locations and drives as well as file types. Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery, has a unique and useful feature to create duplicate drives to help data recovery and further reduce data loss. The tool also provides a detailed analysis of the health of the data disk sector. In the pro version, this tool is priced at $ 99.


8. Free DMDE

DMDE is a data recovery tool that specializes in large-capacity hard drives. This tool supports upto 2TB of exceptional storage drives. It also offers a very easy-to-use GUI that has file explorer to find and restore deleted files.

9. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a recovery tool commonly used to recover deleted and lost photos of all types of storage media. It supports 100 formats and many file system storage. The most highlighted feature is lightweight and can be used on portable media and even other computers.

10. MiniTool Partition Recovery Free.

The Minitool Partition Wizard is a lifesaver for those who have lost all drives or partions. This software is the most preferred data recovery software in such a scenario because it specializes in partitons recovery, when partition is deleted or partition is damaged.


10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows PC And Mac above is the best data recovery software that you can use to recover data from your lost computer hard disk. Please choose which one is appropriate to use. May be useful.

How to Make Particular Image Part into Blur

How to Make Particular Image Part into Blur - Makes certain image part blur, in the world of photography often called (Auto Focus). Capture an object with auto focus, of course it takes certain types of cameras that are indeed there feature auto focus it. Well, on this occasion I will share a little trick, how to make auto focus / blur with images / photos that already exist.

The tool I will use to make certain parts of an image blur is Photoshop, as for the photoshop series I use is Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 portable version. For those of you who want to try it, you can also use other photoshop series.

Ok, now it's just practice How to Create Certain Image Sections into Blur With Photoshop.
  • First, prepare the image for practice, here I use a screenshot of android.

  • Here I will make a blur is part of the names of people, and later that will be obvious only the header and menu.
  • Next, open the photoshop app, click file -> Open -> and select the image to make blur.
  • To select objects, Use the polygonal lasso tool
  • .


  • Selection of objects to be blur with polygonal Lasso Tool. Please click on the object, until the end is met and selected as shown below.


  • After the selected object, please press Ctrl + Shift + I to return to the object which will become blur.

  • Next step, click on file -> Blur - Gaussian Blur.

  • Set the radius according to need.

    • Finally click Ok, and the result as shown below. If it is enough just click file -> Save As. Done.

    That's the Trick How to Make Certain Image Sections Be Blur with the help of photoshop. Good luck. May be useful.

    6 Photos Results Manipulation With Content Aware Photoshop

    6 Photos Results Manipulation With Content Aware Photoshop. The world of photography is a world of picture games, a lot of good photographs produced by various professional photosgafer. To get a really good picture a photographer really has to place when it will capture an image object.

    In the era of increasingly modern as today, to produce a picture or photo to look more attractive more easily because now has available various brands of good cameras on the market.

    In addition, to produce beautiful images now also have available a variety of applications for photo editing, the applications can be used to manipulate an image to be more beautiful to look at.

    One of the popular photo editing apps is photoshop which is currently growing with the addition of the latest features are increasingly sophisticated. One of the smart features in photoshop is Content Aware.

    And one of the functions of this content aware feature is to eliminate an object image that is considered unnecessary or slightly annoying and also less to make a photo to be nice to see.

    Here, 6 Photos are generated from manipulation by using a feature aware photoshop.

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5

    Image 6

    How? .. You have photos that are less good because there is a disturbing object ?. If so, you can try to remove the object to make your photo look more beautiful by utilizing this photoshop content aware feature. Please read the tutorial at Link below.

    So tutorial photoshop this time, good luck, hopefully useful, see you again in the next photoshop tutorial. Regards.

    How To Make WhatsApp No Auto Image Download

    How To Make WhatsApp No Auto Image Download - You are a user of whatsapp and follow many groups of whatsapp? ... If yes, every day you have lots of interact with many people and also many posts, be it text messages, picture messages, or documents.

    Is your smartphone's internal and external memory filled with downloaded images automatically from whatsapp? ...

    If the above questions represent your feelings, then you have not set up the shipment of images via whatsaap is not automatically saved in your telephone gallery.

    By default, all submissions in the form of images or viedo will be downloaded and saved automatically. If this is left, of course the existing memory space will quickly run out with the number of shipment images stored. In addition too many files that exist will also affect the performance of the phone is getting slowed down.

    To prevent images from being sent to whatsapp automatically, do your own setup. By doing this setting, the submission of images in whatsapp will not be downloaded / saved automatically if we do not open the image, but if the image of our shipment is open, still images will be stored on the telephone. However, by doing this setting, at least only certain images that will be stored.

    Here's How To Setup Images In WhatApp Not Download Automatically.

    • First, please go to WhatsApp.
    • Click menu at top right.
    • Click Settings.
    • Click Data Usage.
    • Click on Download automatic media (when using mobile data)
    • In the menu When using mobile data, there are four options: Photos, Audio, Video, and Documents. Please uncheck the four menus, or you can choose according to your needs. Then click okay, Finish.
    • If you have not understood, please see slide image below.
    • WhatsApp-Save


    By setting as above, now sending images in whatsapp you no longer save automatically, except if the image there are clicks and views.

    That's the simple step For WhatsApp No Automatic Image Download, please practice, hopefully what we convey is useful. Regards.