How to Combine Multiple Video With Photoshop

How to Combine Multiple Video With Photoshop - Combining some videos and also editing, most people definitely use video editing apps like Bandicam, Bindicut and other editing software programs. Did you know that actually photoshop-can be used to combine video easily. In photoshop we live enable animation feature or timeline.

By enabling this timeline feature, we can unite multiple videos into one, in addition to combining video, timeline or animation feature can also be used to create photo slides, animated images, and writings that can run and other tricks that can be used .

In this photoshop tutorial, D-Photoshop will share a trick, how to combine video with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. In addition to Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, another photoshop series, like CS5 and CS6 can also use this way, Ok, curious how ?, let's learn together.

Tricks Combine Video With Photoshop

1. The first step, please open your photoshop app. To bring up the animation menu or timeline please click Windows then Timeline.


2. The timeline menu will appear at the bottom of the Photoshop worksheet.


3. To enter the video Please click the small arrow next to the video logo then Add Media.


4. Select a video from your computer to be merged. (To make no mistake in entering the video sequence, it's good to give the first serial number on your video file).


5. After all the videos come in, please click play to test the videos to be combined.


Up here the video will be combined already half-finished, but wait, do not trigger saved because there is still need to be entered again into the video, please continue to read this tutorial to completion.

Adding Audio Into Video

It will feel less if a video has not been audionya, therefore, if the video you want to gambung no audio, please insert the audio into your video first (Choose an audio that has the same time duration or almost the same as the video, ). The steps to add video are as follows:

1. The first step

Click the small arrow on Audio, then click Add Audio.


2. Select Audio from your computer that has been prepared.


3.Play back your video, whether the video and audio is really fitting or not. If not, please create your own for compact video and audio.

4. If you think the video you want to combine is considered fit, it is time to save. 1. Please Render Your Video, how, click the share arrow under the timeline (see picture) 2. Once the video rendering menu appears, please name your video file. 3. Select a storage folder. 4. Option is a lot of choice, please setting according to your taste. 5. Click rendering, your video will be saved, wait until the storage process is complete and check and play to see the result.


Combining some video with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is very easy, let alone the application of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 can be obtained free of charge, very different from other video editing application that must be paid if using it, if any free definitely in the video will be seen link from the owner of the app that can not be removed.

The saved videos also have good quality, as they are stored in mp4 format. That's the Trick of Combining Multiple Videos With Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Good luck. To get more photoshop tricks, please subscribe via email contact provided or Follow this blog.