How To Fix Missing Operating System


How To Fix Missing Operating System - Missing Operating System on computer is, where a computer can not boot from harddisk. This can be caused damage to the windows operating system so that the error message Missing Operating System. In addition the computer experience missing operating system can also be caused by something else.

Another thing that could lead to the emergence of error missing operating system on the computer is too much USB like flasdisk or other external harddisk that is not removed when the computer is turned off. This causes the BIOS to be confused to boot from where.


The above mentioned has happened to my computer, the number of USB that is still installed when the computer is turned off, and when a few days later I turn on the computer then there was Missing Operating System.

If your computer has a Missing Operating System try performing the following steps:

Step One  :  Remove the non-essential hard drive

  • Restart your computer by pressing the power button.
  • Unplug all attached USB hardware except mouse and keyboard.
  • Then turn your computer back on

Step Two: Change the boot priority order in the BIOS

  • Almost the same way as before, the possibility of boot sequence in the BIOS may have been changed by accident.
  • Access your BIOS when you first turn on the computer. Then press F2 or Delete key to enter BIOS menu.
  • Locate the Boot Priority section and change to the hard drive containing the operating system.

If the two ways above your computer still still experience Missing Operating System, most likely its windows operating system has been damaged. For that you have to reinstall your computer.

In addition to the above two ways, there are still other ways you can try, please you search on the internet with keywords How to Overcome Missing Operating System, because on the internet another blog has a lot of share.

That's how to cope with Computer Experience Missing Operating System and how to overcome it, more apologize, may be useful.