How To Make WhatsApp No Auto Image Download


How To Make WhatsApp No Auto Image Download - You are a user of whatsapp and follow many groups of whatsapp? ... If yes, every day you have lots of interact with many people and also many posts, be it text messages, picture messages, or documents.

Is your smartphone's internal and external memory filled with downloaded images automatically from whatsapp? ...

If the above questions represent your feelings, then you have not set up the shipment of images via whatsaap is not automatically saved in your telephone gallery.

By default, all submissions in the form of images or viedo will be downloaded and saved automatically. If this is left, of course the existing memory space will quickly run out with the number of shipment images stored. In addition too many files that exist will also affect the performance of the phone is getting slowed down.

To prevent images from being sent to whatsapp automatically, do your own setup. By doing this setting, the submission of images in whatsapp will not be downloaded / saved automatically if we do not open the image, but if the image of our shipment is open, still images will be stored on the telephone. However, by doing this setting, at least only certain images that will be stored.

Here's How To Setup Images In WhatApp Not Download Automatically.

  • First, please go to WhatsApp.
  • Click menu at top right.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Data Usage.
  • Click on Download automatic media (when using mobile data)
  • In the menu When using mobile data, there are four options: Photos, Audio, Video, and Documents. Please uncheck the four menus, or you can choose according to your needs. Then click okay, Finish.
  • If you have not understood, please see slide image below.
  • WhatsApp-Save


By setting as above, now sending images in whatsapp you no longer save automatically, except if the image there are clicks and views.

That's the simple step For WhatsApp No Automatic Image Download, please practice, hopefully what we convey is useful. Regards.