How To Overcome Touchpad Laptop Does Not Work


How To Overcome Touchpad Laptop Does Not Work -  Have you experienced, when you're writing a document on a laptop or netbook, but suddenly the touchpad becomes stuck and do not want to go ?. If you've experienced it, of course it's very annoying, especially when you're out of the house and do not happen to bring a Conventional Mouse.

If you often use laptop / netbook, surely you are familiar with touchpad. Touchpad has the same functionality as a mouse on a PC / Computer in general that is part of a laptop device used to move the cursor.

Touchpad is not like a regular mouse that when not usable we can immediately replace it with a new one. Touchpads that do not run on the touch of a hand can be a big deal. This can cause your laptop to stay at the computer repair service and of course require the cost of the stay is not a little he ... he ...

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How To Overcome The TouchPad Laptop That Does Not Function

If you experience the things I mentioned above about the touchpad laptop that does not work, you should not rush to bring your laptop ketukang service, because there is still a way that might cope with the breakdown of your laptop touchpad.

Some of the laptop users, probably not so understand if there is actually one fundamental thing that can be done when your laptop touchpad does not respond, that is by pressing the FN + F7. This button has a function to activate and also disable the touchpad device.

But you need to know that not all brands of laptops have the same button to enable and disable this touchpad, nah, .. here's how to enable and disable the touchpad on some brands of computers you can do
  • Laptop / Computer The Mac brand uses "F2",
  • Laptop / Computer The Acer brand uses "F7",
  • Laptop / Computer The Toshiba brand uses "F9",
  • Laptop / Computer The Asus brand uses "F3" or "F7",
  • Laptop / Computer The Dell brand uses "F7",
  • Laptop / Computer Brand Lenovo using F6.

For more details which buttons will be used you can see on the row of buttons that sometimes have an image like a mouse or touchpad. On that button must be pressed simultaneously with the FN key. The thing that can happen is the possibility you have accidentally pressed both of these buttons to cause the touchpad so it does not work.

But when the above you have done but your laptop touchpad still not working, you can do some of the following:

  • Unplug all external connected mouse and then restart your laptop. Possible touchpad not working due to overlapping on device to move cursor.
  • The second you can Use System Restore. This method can be used to return any change whether intentional or unintentional that we have done in the past week.
  • Remove the touchpad driver and then re-install. By removing the touchpad driver and re-installing the possibility of your laptop being able to detect the device itself again.

If all the things described above you already do, but your laptop touchpad is still not working, it means your laptop should really stay at home car repair service.

So what can I say about taoucpad laptop that does not work and how to handle it. Hopefully what I have to say there is a benefit.

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