How To Print A Document From Canon Printer's Last Page


How To Print A Document From Canon Printer's Last Page - Do you have a document created with a lot of page numbers and will print it? ... If so, it would be complicated if the print you did not use the print settings from the last page, because later after the printed document You have to rearrange it, and it certainly takes a lot of time, especially if you have hundreds of documents.

Every printer, whether it's a canon printer or anything else, actually has a setting for printing a document starting from the last page, just every printer brand of course has its own setting in the menu view. For canon printer types, most menu displays are almost as good as the ip series canon as well as mp pixma series.


Cara Cetak Dokumen Dari Halaman Terakhir Dengan Printer Canon

For those of you who happen to not know how to print a document starting from the last page, here KemejingNet share how.

The first step :

Please open your document, either word document or excel, then click the file in the top left corner, then click print. Or you can use Ctrl + P, then select Printer Properties.


Step two:

After the Properties menu appears on the Quick Setup menu, check Print Last Page. Options can also be done in the Page Setup menu.


Third step : 

Please click Ok, then print your document, then the document will print from the last page.

How to print a document from this last page can save you time, because you no longer need to compile printed documents printed one by one according to page numbers.

So this short articen kkali about How to Print Documents From Canon Printer Last Pages, hopefully what we share can be useful.