How To Solve Local Disk C Secure Safely


How To Solve Local Disk C Secure Safely - Laptop or PC Full computer is a warning. To keep windows running smoothly, should Pc Computer and Laptop must have free space and loose on harddisk computers and laptops and especially on local disk C.

The local cause of disk C is full, it is various, one of which is the number of applications installed. In addition, junk files are also the cause of local disk C is full, especially if computers and laptops are often used for internetan. Because the OS requires to run various tasks, if the local disk C already has red warning sign, it means must be resolved immediately.

  • How to Fix Local Disk C Full
  • Manual way
  • Disk CleanUp
  • Deleting Temporary File
  • Using CCleaner Software
  • Adding a Larger Partition

Fifth way to overcome the local disk C full of the above, proved to be able to restore the once-full space becomes loose again. Ok, now we review the fourth one way to solve the local disk full C above.

1. How to Manage Local Disk C Manually

Manual way to solve local disk C is already full is to remove applications that are unnecessary and rarely used. Please choose one by one type of nonessential application. In addition to deleting nonessential apps, please also remove the document files as well as the unused images stored on the local disk C.

2. How To Solve Local Disk C Full With CleanUp

How to solve disk C full of CleanUp is as follows:

  • Right-click on the local disk C, and then click Properties
  • On the local menu of disk C Properties, click Disk Cleanup

Local-Disk-C-Full-And-How-Over it

  • Wait until Disk Cleanup process finishes.
  • Check all options and click Ok

Local-Disk-C-Full-And-How-Over it

3. How To Solve Local Disk C Full By Removing Temporary Files

Temporary file is a temporary file created by windows to store internal data whose function is required for the operation at the moment, this file will no longer be needed for further purposes, for this junk file is safe to delete.

How to delete Temporary File:
  • Click start windows.
  • In the search field type "% temp" (without quotation marks).
  • Then click Enter on the keyboar.
  • If the temporary file is open, please select all files then delette.

4. How to Overcome Local Disk C Full With CCleaner Software

Deleting files that are in local disk C is already full can also use CCleaner software. CCleaner can be used to delete files that are sometimes deleted to delete manually. Please find this CCleaner software on google.

5. Adding a Larger Partition.

This is the last way to make local C disks have a larger space. But this way it requires a separate technical, for that if you intend to add local disk partition C becomes larger, you need to learn it or it could be by bringing a computer / laptop to a computer technician.

So 5 Ways to Solve Local Disk C Full can we say, if you have other more practical way, please to share dikolom comments, in order to be useful for others. Regards.