Viewing Worksheets Side by Side In Windows


Viewing Worksheets Side by Side In Windows - Working with computers, sometimes we are required to open multiple files at once because sometimes the data is related to what we are doing. Of course it becomes very complicated if we have to go back and forth open the file to appear each other turns on our computer screen.

In order to work on a document more easily, especially if you have to display several files that are interconnected, actually has provided his way on windows. In Excel even the feature is already provided if we want to open some excel document files side by side. So what if we want to open the document file Excel and Word or other files side by side, Here we share how.

First Way: Opening Excel Documents Side by Side

1. Please open 2 excel files simultaneously, then click View menu -> on Arrange Windows choose Vertical.


2. Click Ok, the file will open side by side.


3. If you want to revert to the original mode, please click Maximize on the top right of the document worksheet.

Second Way: Opening Files Side by Side On Different File Types.

1. Please open two different files on your computer, Click the first file then press windows key + Left arrow on the keyboard. Then click the second file, then press windows + Right arrow key on the keyboard, then both files and applications will appear side by side on your computer screen.


2. Example screenshot above is between excel file and paint application that we open simultaneously and side by side.

That's two ways of displaying worksheets side by side on windows, good luck hopefully there are benefits.