Creating a Vignette Effect On Photos With Photoshop

Creating a Vignette Effect On Photos. Vignette is one of the most popular effects in photoshop. Vignette is the darker part of the section. By giving vignette, we can emphasize the main object and reduce the attention to other details because the laian object will appear darker.

In this photoshop tuturial we will try to create a vignette effect on a photo like below where the edge of the photo becomes darker so that our attention is fixed on the face of beautiful girls like the picture below.

As for how to create this vignette effect we just use the 6 steps only, and the steps as follows, let's try together:

The first step.
Open your photoshop. Click File -> Open (Ctrl + O). then choose a photo that will be given a vignette effect.

Step Two
The second step is to select objects that will be given a vignette effect. How to select elliptical marquee tool, then make a selection around the main object that will be given vignette.

Third step
When finished with selection, create a feather. Click on Select -> Modify -> Feather, in the dialog box that appears I fill 175 because I use a relatively large photo. Feather values ​​can be from 75 to 250 depending on the size of the photo. After that Click again Select -> Inverse or can press Shift + Ctrl + I simultaneously.

Step Four
With invert means that photo selection has been reversed, the selected area is an area other than around the cat's head. Well this part we will embed with a curve adjustment. Add a curve adjustment layer. Click Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves.

Step Five
Now to darken the edges, click on the curve. Start with the center of the curve, then drag down, notice the effect on the photo, to your liking.


After the curva is fruited then the results you can see in the picture below


Well that's a trick to create a vignette effect on the photos in this photoshop tutorial, good luck, may be useful.