How To Easily Compress Images With Photoshop

How To Easily Compress Images With Photoshop - In another article, I have also discussed how to decrypt the image or shrink the image, but using the microsoft office picture manager application. Well, in this article I will share an easy way to compress images but by using photoshop applications.

Compressing or minimizing images is commonly used in images to post to articles. The compressing function of the image is to make the image size smaller, but does not reduce the quality of the image itself.

The benefits of compressed images before they are posted as a complement to an article is to make the page lighter when opened. Many ways that can be used to shrink the image size and one of them is by using the photoshop application.
3 Easy Steps to Compress Images With Photoshop

# The first step

Open the photoshop app on your computer, then click the file -> Open (Ctrl + O) select the image from your computer to be compressed.

# Second Step

After the image opens in the photoshop worksheet, please click the file -> Save for web (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S), for more details see the picture below.

# Third step

In the third step, is where we will compress or arrange the size of the image later, while in this menu there are 2 main menu that we need setting, for more details please see picture below.


Selected menu functions :

1. In the first menu select the type of image that you will create, for example, Jpeg, Gif, and also PNG. The next menu is image quality, in the menu there is an option, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Maximum. Choose according to your needs.

2. On the second menu, is the image size, please change the number in percent to compress or shrink the image.

3. After you determine the size of the image please click save. and done.

Note : In this case I use photoshop CS6, as for the menu display in photoshop CS series the others could be different even though the fun remains the same, for that please adjust according to your photoshop series.

As for the settings compress the size of the picture you can adjust to your needs. Similarly tutorial How To Easily Compress Images With Photoshop this time, hopefully useful, good luck.