How to Get Link Files In Google Drive


Google Drive
How to Get Link Files In Google Drive - Saving files in google is one safe way and also easy to store documents that we have. In addition the file storage in google also allows us to share files in any media by getting our file link in google drive.

Every google account owner will automatically have google own drive, but sometimes this is less to be utilized. By saving the file in google drive, when the file will be shared we will also facilitate users who want to download the file that we share without having to be played around with many links that sometimes even annoy people who want to download.

For those of you who happen to have never or have not used to using google drive as a place of storage of files you have, here we share from way uploade file to google drive up to get file link that can be shared, either through social media or link web, if you have a web / blog.

How to Upload Files To Google Drive

1. Visit first.
2. Click Go to google drive.
3. Once inside google drive, then click my drive, choose upload file or folder from your storage memory.

4. Wait until the uploade process is complete, uploade speed depends on the size of the file and also the internet network in your place.

How To Get Link Files In Google Drive

The way to get the file link in google drive is as follows.

1. Right click on the file you want to capture its link. After the menu appears, please click "Get shareable link"

2. After the Link menu appears active, double click on the link, then copy and paste where the link will be shared.


How To Put Download Links On Web / Blog

After getting the link file in google drive you now is time to try to put the link in link a web / blog.

1. Please log in to your blog / web.

2. Click the new entry, Create a word that will be occupied link, for example "Link Download" Block the word, then click the link on the top menu.

3. Please tick on Open this link in a new window, if link link you want to open in new tab, or vice versa, tick Add rail nofollow attribute.

4. And if you share your link on facebook, the appearance will be like the following picture.

Well, that's How to Upload Files to Googel Drive, How to Get Link Files In Google Drive and How to Share links via web / blog or social media. So this post, hopefully there are benefits.