How to Save and Transform File Word and Excel Being PDF In Office

For those of you who have been using Office 2013, and want to save or change a file, be it a Word file or Excel into a type of file with PDF files, you no longer need to install the add-ins to bring up a menu of storage in PDF files as in the office in 2017, since in office 2013 has added a quick way to save and change the word or excel files into PDF format.

Menu export is how to store and also change the word and excel files into PDF. This method is very simple and easy to use both for the laymen. Well ... for those who happen to spring need or looking for ways to change the word documents or excel files into PDF, please follow the steps as follows.

How to Save and Transform File Word and Excel Being PDF

1. The first step: Please create a new document or open a Word or Excel file. Once the file is open in a worksheet, please click on the File menu tabs.


2. Step two: Please click Expot


3. The third step: Click the Create PDF / XPS


4. Step four: Name your file and specify a storage folder and then click Publish.


Most Powerful Ways To Convert Pdf Files

Become How, how the above was not fast enough to make into a PDF file. If you want a faster way please follow these steps

Please open or create an Excel file or Word, then please click F12 on the keyboard. Then will come the Save As menu, then click on the Save As Type -> Pdf and click Save. This method is the most rapid and very simple.

Please check and open the pdf file that you just saved, to display files with PDF files, of course, on your computer has installed software file reader with PDF files, such as Adobe Raider, Nitro Pdf Raider, Slim Pdf Raider, Foxit Pdf Raider and many more software that can be used to read files with Pdf format, but in general that is often used is Adobe Raider.

How to Save and Transform File Word and Excel Being PDF In Office 2013, may be useful and good luck, and if this article useful please share so that your friends can read. If you have any questions please write in the comment column.