How to Show Hidden AppData Files in Windows


How to Show Hidden AppData Files in Windows - Many people are confused when editing a program on a computer and have to make changes in the AppData folder, but when looking for an AppData folder in C: \ Users \ User_Name \ AppData \ Roaming but still not appeared and did not meet.

Actually the AppData program is still there, just sometimes the folder is only hidden in its windows. There are 2 ways you can do to bring up the AppData folder in windows, the first way is to only show when it will be used only and the second way to bring it up permanently and can be seen at any time.

Here's How To Display AppData Folders In Windows

The first way: Displays For While

1. Click the Windows + R button on the keyboard simultaneously.
2. After Run appears, in Open type "% appdata%" (Without quotation marks).
3. Click Ok, the AppData folder will appear.


Second Way : Permanently Displaying

1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Option.
2. In the option folder click View.
3. Select Show hidden files, folders, or drives.
4. Click Ok.
5. Please check C: \ Users \ User Name, AppData folder can already be seen permanently.

2 How to Show AppData Folder Hidden In Windows above can be selected one, when the AppData folder on your computer you want to keep hidden, you can do the first way to use it. But if the AppData folder wants to look permanently the second way is the choice.

Similarly How to Display AppData Folder Hidden In Windows, if you have a more practical way, please share in the comments field, Hopefully useful.