How to Take Photos At Night With Android Camera

How to Take Photos At Night With Android Camera - Capture a moment with android camera is easy and fun. But unfortunately, many cameras android who can not get good results when used at night.

Differences taking photos at night and during the day the android camera is always constrained by its lighting. Therefore, the images in the can when photographing an object at night with android camera is often less than the maximum.

However, for your android smartphone users do not need to worry, because it does not mean you can not shoot any moment when you are in the evenings. Here are some tips for taking photos at night with android smartphone that you can do.


Tips for Taking Photos At Night With Smartphones

1. Use a tripod and timer

Using a tripod is one way that the resulting image has good quality. Function using a tripod to take photos at night is that we use the camera does not shake, because to take pictures at night, a small light requires a slow shutter to capture more light so that the image produced maksmal.

To obtain results that are not blurred, you should use a timer or remote to press the shutter button. If it is forced to use a shutter manually, try not to move a little and hold your breath when pressing the shutter button.

2. Activate the Manual Mode

Use the manual mode when taking photos at night, because the automatic mode is not suitable for use at night. When this has been a lot of android smartphone Yag own manual camera mode. If there is no manual mode on your Android smartphone, you can use additional applications such as Footec Camera etc.

3. Set the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

When you use the manual mode, please set the shutter speed at a slower setting, it serves to capture more light there is. In addition, you can use a shutter speed of up to 30 seconds or you can also customize to your needs.

Setting on apperture usually adjusted with the shutter speed. Meanwhile, the function of shutter speed and aperture is to control how much light enters the camera sensor.

ISO function is to determine how much light is needed by the sensitivity of the sensor used. More specifically, a low ISO is suitable for use in bright conditions as in the day. While high ISO settings ideal when used at night or in poor lighting conditions.

4. Turn on Night Mode

In addition to the manual mode, if the photos are not a lot of movement, which means you can also use the Night Mode feature. These features are almost in every smartphone on the market today.

With the Night Mode feature, the picture will be better because there are some screening in accordance with the time at night. But, make sure the object to be photographed can not move much, because it will create a blurry photo.

5. Do not use Flash

When shooting at night, try not to use flash, especially if you take pictures of objects far enough. Using the flash at night, instead will cause spots in the photo that will make images become unclear.

6. Do not use the ZoomAlso, avoid using the zoom feature so that images produced clearer and sharper. If the object is going to take quite a distance, it would be better if you approach the object, or directly take photos from a distance and then cut it when the image is obtained.

7. Ensure the Right Angle When Taking PicturesTo get the photos are nice, of course, of course, takes the angle that place. For that look for the right angle so that the images obtained can produce images that are maximized and also nice. This method is widely used by professional photographers, Here, the key lies in the creativity you in taking the right angle.

8. Use Application Edits Photos

The last step in order to photograph that you generate on decision night is to utilize the lawyer's application to edit photos that have been widely circulated. Please use lawyer-edit photos that you normally use to organize photos like brightness, detail, to the effect, cut and so forth.

Those are some ways and tricks Taking Photos At Night With Android Camera. In essence all back on your patience to keep experimenting. Due to produce good photographs is certainly needed expertise and practices that keep repeating. May be useful.