USB Secure - Unique Features and How to Use them


USB Drives – Irreplaceable:

USB drives are a thing of beauty that needs no introduction. It came into existence a decade ago and is expected to exist for another decade. In short, it seems pretty irreplaceable. Almost every tech-geek is in need of such drives which are used to transfer data from one PC to another.

USB Drives – Not Entirely Safe:

However, there are two sides to a coin and the same issue exists in USB drives as the data we store in our portable devices is not entirely safe at all. We carry confidential data from one PC to another at an affordable rate, and you may carry limitless gigabytes of data quickly. However, regardless of the fact that they’re handy, portable, and affordable one simply cannot rely on the common security of a USB device. For this very reason, USB Secure comes into existence.  A software that knows no boundaries prevents you from any data loss.

USB Secure – Solution to Your Problems!

USB Secure is an improved security software that lets you password protect anything that is stored on your portable device. It protects devices like Flash drives, External Drives, and USB Drives. Furthermore, this software does not require any administrator rights, supports automatic execution and lets you use its ‘Plug & Play’ feature. Also, USB Secure is quicker than encryption, works on all types of Windows and Disk types! It also protects your devices even when you’re moving (traveling).



USB Secure has enough features that can fulfill your regular dose of security. Regarding the compatibility, USB Secure is perfectly compatible with multiple disk types known to a common user.

Proper USB Security:

First of all, you need to install the program/software on the respective portable device that you want to protect. Furthermore, set a password for your USB drive to make sure it is password protected, & that your data is delete proof. Similarly to re-access your files, use the correct password and you may get your files back without any requirements of installing the software again or even without any admin privileges.

Works on all Disk Types:
USB Secure is compatible with FAT/FAT32/NTFS types of drives and other types of External & USB drives. With its password protection feature, you may store ample amount of confidential data without bearing the threats data loss. Also, USB Secure uses multi-layer patent-pending method to improve the security of your stored files (on all disk types).

Lost & Found Info:
This option lets you recover your data in case if your device gets lost or you simply misplaced it & someone in return may contact you with the info you saved using USB Secure. You may save your phone number; email address etc. to make sure the finder of your drive can reach out to you.

Virtual Drive Option:
To access your files, you may choose between only accessing the locked files in a virtual drive or unlocking them completely. Also, USB Secure’s Plug and Play feature comes handy if your fear data loss in case if you abruptly remove your USB drives from PC.

USB Drives Works Well With USB Secure:

Hence, it would not be wrong to say USB drives existed in the past, exists in the present and will continue to exist even in the future. But using a reliable tool for security known as USB Secure will surely improve your mood knowing your USB Drives is firmly protected.

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